1 month VS 1 day: How to study for Science Exam

1 month VS 1 day: How to study for Science Exam
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Parents!! Is your child getting ready for their PSLE or O-level science exams soon maybe in 1 month’s time or even tomorrow?


Here at Keynote Learning, our experienced teachers take the O-level exams every year so they know how the students feel.


So they have some quick and helpful tips to share! Here are some general tips to prepare for the science exam (both national and school internal exam) 1 month and 1 day before the paper!

1 month before

In order to score well on the exam, it is best to build up the ability to apply their knowledge and explain things. This can be done by doing practice papers.


After completing the papers, your child can look through the model answers and clarify with their teachers. They need to understand why they are wrong and if there are any alternative answers.


They can also find out what are the keywords that help in scoring the marks. It is important to understand and remember them.

A week after completing the paper, it is best for your child to take a look at the questions that were wrong and check if there are any knowledge leakage. This can be done by re-doing the same questions again. This helps to strengthen the understanding and leaves a deeper impression.

This method requires a 1-month of preparation and cannot be done within 1 day or 1 week before the exam as this requires practice and understanding

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1 day before

Let’s say your child is prepared and ready to sit in the exam hall the next day or your child is still unsure of some concepts but there is not enough time to consult the teacher or practice more.


Regardless of the scenario, these tips can help.

It is best to focus more on memory work and content such as definitions as science papers would have definition questions and these are easy to score if your child remembers these definitions.


They can cover the answers or put their book away and write the definitions on a piece of paper.

Your child should have a lot of practice papers and assignments when the exams are approaching. It is also a good practice to have a look through questions they have answered wrongly as a final reminder before the actual paper.


If time allows, it would help if they can collate all their wrong questions into a separate document and they can do that document as a practice paper.

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Fundamentally, to do well for science exams, there are 2 components:

  1. Content Knowledge (which is your child’s topic recall)
  2. Application ability and explaining (whether your child is able to apply the theory into real-life situations and explain)

Content knowledge can be done as a last-minute revision. However, Application ability and explaining need to be built over time and not overnight as this needs time to improve and understand as this is more skill-based

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Is your child still not getting their desired grades?

Has your child been doing countless practice papers and revision but they still cannot get the grades they want?


Does your child know their textbook content but they just cannot apply the right techniques?


We know how it feels…

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That’s why our educators are here to help!


Our Science educators can help your child:

  • Understand the techniques to answer various question types
  • Figure out what examiners are looking for
  • MASTER the MUST-KNOW topics for PSLE and O-level exams
  • Apply proven methods and answering techniques for their Science paper

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