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Singapore's education scene is an unforgiving one. In 2014, parents spent a total of $1.1 billion on tuition costs alone, all in a bid to ensure their children don't miss out on a bright future. The best teachers charge crazy amounts, and those who can't afford it are left with tutors of below-par quality.

We provide tuition services that your child needs, that you can afford. Keynote Learning offers education that will benefit your child in the long run - joyful, interesting, and purposeful learning.

We help your children achieve their academic goals by injecting purpose into the learning process

Good grades derive from the betterment of oneself. While mindless memorising and practice may also achieve that in the short term, it is not a sustainable way of learning and does nothing for the individual. It can even be detrimental for your child's mentality and future learning habits.


and provide you with useful guides about education and parenting.

The 'Articles' section of our site is dedicated to keeping you updated with all the latest news on education in Singapore, and what it means for you and your child. You may also find helpful guides on parenting, relevant articles that stimulate thought, as well as study tips to pass on to help your child do well


Your child's chance at affordable and unrivalled tuition.

1) Strong Individual Focus

Every child learns differently. We first go through a personal planning
session with every new student to identify his/her learning style, personal goals and challenges faced - then, with this information, our teachers will provide personalised guidance within a small group tuition setting.

2) Exceptional Tutors & Resources

Our teachers have over 60 years of combined private tutoring experience in the industry, and keep themselves updated with the MOE syllabus by taking the 'O' Level Examinations every year. Students enrolled with Keynote Learning also have access to a wide array of educational resources.

3) Life Skills & Career Awareness

We provide our students with real life skills (i.e. time management, productivity, communication skills) that they can apply in everyday lessons, because we believe that one's academic results is not the determining factor in achieving success. Your child will be equipped with the confidence required to pursue their dreams and chart out their own journey in life.

4) Proven All-Round Results

Our students don't just excel in their studies. Many of them go on to take up leadership positions in various CCA's and their own areas of interests, garnering a truly holistic education in the process.

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