Back to School tips

Back to School tips
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School is starting from next week onwards! Is your child ready for the new semester?

What are some things your child should prepare for?

Is there enough time to prepare?

Do not worry! There is still time to catch up and prepare! We have many study tips to help your child prepare and stay ahead with the new semester!

Read our tips below & click on the images to find out more!

#1 Develop a plan for homework

To help with time management, determine how long it takes your child to do an assignment.

This helps your child plan their schedule on what they need to work on every day and how much time they have aside for their revision

You can also have a filing system for your child to sort out their documents (eg: exams, test papers, worksheets) for each of their subjects. This keeps your child organized and helps them find their papers better when needed.

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#2 Prepare them mentally

Encourage your kids to read 1 book before the school term starts again. Make a trip down to the nearest library and let them pick out a book

Or if they would like to own a certain book, you can buy one at the bookstore

Other than reading books, you can also encourage them to read the news too! This helps them keep up to date with the latest news and it can come in handy during their Oral exams (during the conversation segment).

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If your child is persistent in doing neither, they can listen to audiobooks or listen or watch the news.

#3 Review the way your child takes notes

Take a look at your child’s notes in the last semester, how was it?

Is it messy? Very wordy?

Or is it too little? Like 1 or 2 sentences?

Are there no diagrams when they note down what the teacher says?

Or does your child just write the notes in their textbook or class notes (provided by the teacher)?

Or worse, there are completely no notes at all?

What is the right way for your child to do notes?

Is it something that is required or just recommended?

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#4 Adjust your sleep schedule to fit school days

Your child probably stays up later than usual during their holidays. But now that school is starting soon, how can they tune themselves to sleep at the right time and have enough rest?

One way is to set a 30min alarm before the actual bedtime to remind your child to put away their electronics so that it is easier to drift to sleep.

It is also important that you or your child enforces the bedtimes so that their body is used to it.

According to the national sleep foundation,

  • Children aged 6-13, need 9-11 hours of sleep
  • Children aged 14-17, need 8-10 hours of sleep

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We hope these tips can help your child prepare for the next term!

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