Building your child’s vocabulary 101

Building your child’s vocabulary 101
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When you notice that other students are able to excel in English, have you ever wondered what techniques they do to get there?

it is not just doing assessment books and practice papers. But rather cultivating the habit of keeping a vocabulary book. 

Even English teachers recommend this habit in order to expand your vocabulary!

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This article will cover these major points:

  • What is a vocabulary book & how to keep one
  • How to make use of a vocabulary book 
  • Why is there a need to keep a vocabulary book 
  • Vocabulary book alternatives

Let’s begin!

What is a vocabulary book?

It is a book that will contain the new words your child has learnt and their meanings. When your child learns a new word, they can write it down, the meaning of the new word and 1 or 2 sentences that has the new word in it.

When your child learns to apply the new word in sentences, it is easier for them to remember. 

The book can be in physical (eg: a notebook) or digital (eg: google docs) form. Whichever your child prefers. 

Your child can learn new words from reading books, newspapers, watching shows or listening to the radio or podcasts. 

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How to make use of a vocabulary book?

After your child notes down the new word they learnt, you can ask your child to create a sentence with that new word.

When your child learns to apply the new word in sentences, it is easier for them to remember.

During this home-based learning (or when schools open up again), you can set an alarm on your phone to test the new vocabulary they have learnt. Where you can ask them to construct a sentence.

You do not need to do this every day or for long hours as this might kill your child’s interest. Instead, you can test them for a couple of days for a few minutes.

For example, 3 days per week, 5-10 mins per session.

Do remember to have the alarm recurring so that your child constantly updates the book and practices.

Why is a vocab book needed?

Keeping a Vocabulary book may seem like a lot of work to do in terms of maintaining that habit. But if you want your child to improve their vocabulary, this is a foolproof method!

Furthermore, your child can use this book after they finished their PSLE or O levels, and onto JC & University!

After all, using better vocab will give your child higher marks in their composition writing. I’m sure you and your child would not say no to achieving more marks. So, why not practise this method?


What if my child does not want to keep a vocab book?

If you think your child would not be dedicated to keeping a vocab book no matter what, there is another alternative method. Watch the video below to find out what it is and how to implement it!

Still not convinced?

Watch this video below if you are still unsure about keeping a vocabulary book or if you need more info regarding this practice.

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