These students achieved far more than what they intended to

These students achieved far more than what they intended to
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Over the years of teaching at Keynote Learning, we have guided students to achieve their goals in their exams and in the long term. Such that they accomplished bigger things like attaining scholarships, becoming a CEO and straight A’s for A-level exams.

So is there a secret recipe for developing such individuals? How did these students manage to achieve their goals after being tutored in Keynote Learning? Read more about our 3 ex-students success stories and what drove them to their achievements today!

Kwang Joo

He joined keynote learning in primary 3 and attended our English, Maths and Science classes. Under Mr Linus’s (our Science HOD) tutelage and guidance, he came up with creative ways to revise his studies and he subsequently scored well. Of course, that is on top of his consistent practising in his subjects. 

He continued tuition with us even when he is in secondary school. Knowing his potential to excel, Mr Linus slowly guided and prepared Kwang Joo on how to answer questions that are of O level standard during his Secondary 1 days. Linus helped him push his creative boundaries and tackle various exam questions. 

In the end, he was able to top Science and English subjects in his cohort! 

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Along with his good content knowledge, he used the methods that Mr Linus taught. Which is explaining the thought process clearly and using the necessary keywords.

The consistent practice that has been doing has helped ingrained the answering techniques in his mind. This was what helped him score well for his Science open-ended questions.

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However, the answering techniques and revision strategies that he learned in keynote learning did not just stop after his O levels. He continued to apply these methods in his JC and managed to score straight As!

Now, he is in pursuing his university degree and he realised that in order to do well in tertiary and university education, students need to learn the concepts fast and know how to stay on track. Where he managed to develop this skill during his tuition with us. 


Bryan joined Keynote Learning after he got back his PSLE results. He was posted to the NT stream in Secondary school and became concerned about his grades. He was motivated to improve his grades for his future. 

He attended English, Math and Humanities (we used to provide Humanities subjects) classes at our centre. Our tutors noticed that he was a bright-eyed child that had great aspirations despite his terrible PSLE results.

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With our tutors’ guidance and patience, his grades improved tremendously. He jumped from NT and did his N and O levels. He scored well enough to go into an engineering course at Ngee Ann poly.

The skills and character that he developed in our centre, gave him exceptional grades and school contributions and he managed to be nominated for the Public Service Scholarship!


Katrina disliked Science and did not do very well. When she attended Mr Linus’s classes, he conducted lessons in a way that made Science interesting for her and she managed to slowly gain interest in the subject and developed a love for learning.

Afterwards, she scored 6 distinctions for her O levels (Science included) and was top 3 in her secondary school. She managed to get into her dream course at Ngee Ann poly!

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Since she has developed an interest in science and learning, it led her ultimately become the CEO of Savour! It is a cloud-based B2B e-procurement and sponsorship platform connecting companies to merchants to procure products and services at discounts. 

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We don’t just focus on improving our students’ grades

Although having good grades is important, knowing skills to guide yourself in learning is more important. Such revision techniques and answering techniques will help your child in their future studies even after they finished secondary school. 

When our teachers teach, they think about the long term skills our students need in order to do well for their whole education journey. Not just focusing on the next exam. We educate our students so that they know how to guide themselves over time. Our teachers strive to cultivate internal motivation for our students so that they can have self-motivation and become better learners themselves. 

This mentality and skills will be especially useful when MOE is removing mid-year exams in 2023 and focusing on self-directed learning. 

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