Help your child handle school stress

Help your child handle school stress

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Have you noticed your child feeling any of the following? 


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They might be stressed from school!


The expectation to do well in school and the ability to pursue further education causes stress in students. This is evident in this Straits Times article about the cause of student stress.


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When your child gets too stressed, it can affect them mentally and will negatively affect their school performance.


So how can you as a parent help your child manage school stress? Here are 3 tips for you!


#1: Communication

One of the most important ways to find out and resolve the issue is through communication. Without this, you would not know what is going on in your child’s life and you will be unable to find a solution.


Many children tend to isolate and are unlikely to approach their parents on their own. That’s why you should be the one to take the first step and hear about what’s bothering your child.


However, when we say communication, we do not mean just asking your child
– ”How did you do on the test?”
– ”Is your project/assignment done?
– ”Have you completed your revision?”


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Instead, you can ask them what happened in school today or if anything good happened that they would like to share. If your child shares their frustrations with you, the last thing they need is another lecturing session. 


When you are discussing what your child is feeling, you should avoid giving advice and explaining to your child how they should feel.


The best support is parents who actively listen and hear their child. This way, the child has the feeling that they can talk to them and approach them for solutions.


#2 Plan a schedule together

If you and your child know that work management is a difficulty, you can work out a timetable or schedule together so it helps them stay organized.


If a schedule does not make sense with their routine, your child can also plan an after-school to-do list with you.


Where they can put high-priority tasks first followed by the low priority tasks. 


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Students have different work styles. Some do homework all at once, while others need to take frequent breaks.


Discuss with your child the working conditions that will lead to the best homework outcomes.


More organized students tend to do better in school and experience less stress becoming a more organized student is important!


#3 Spend quality time together

Schedule family time multiple times a week or during the weekends to give kids the experience of unconditional love, acceptance and support. You do not need to bring your child to places to spend time with them.


Simple things such as having meals together, taking walks, cooking or baking, playing board games and practising family traditions.


Here are some Science board games and videos that we suggest you can play/watch with your child!

While spending time with them, you can also take this as an opportunity to ask your child how school is going and listen to any issues that they might have. 

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