Is speed important in PSLE Science?

Is speed important in PSLE Science?
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Does your child have problems finishing their paper? Or does your child have time management issues during the paper?

If your answers are yes to either one or both then this article would be helpful to you!

The entire Science paper is 1 hour 45 minutes. Within this period, they need to complete MCQ (booklet A) and open-ended (booklet B). So how much time should be spent per booklet with checking involved?

So how should they manage their time and what should they do when they do their Science revision practice?

Find out more below!

Our recommendation is to complete the paper in 1 hour. So the remaining 45 minutes can be spent on the MCQ section and checking. However, during practice, your child should not be pressured by time.

The more important part during practice is to make sure the questions are well addressed. Where your child uses the right keywords to answer the question.

To find out how to score maximum marks for section B using the right keywords, watch our youtube video below!! Click on CC for subtitles. 

How can I guide my child in Section B?

You can set a time period for your child to do the paper (eg: 45 minutes) and let them know that they can take their time and do the questions. This is to help them focus on the quality of their answers first.

If your child is pressured by time instead of quality (eg: you ask them to complete the paper in 45 minutes), they might skip questions and not think carefully for their answers or not read the questions properly. This is will not give your child the marks they want for the sake of time.

As time goes by and your child improves the quality of their answers, they can focus on the speed of completing the paper.

What if my child is slow in doing the paper?

If your child has trouble completing the paper or they need more time to think about their answers, during exams, we advise your child to skip those questions they are having trouble with first.

This is where completing the paper is more important as we had students who focused too much on the front questions that they don’t know and missed out on the easy questions at the end of the paper. Which led to a huge loss of marks.

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