Mr Linus Lin

Head of Science

Linus Lin Guo Yao is an educator and entrepreneur at heart, with more than 16 years in the field of private tutoring and education. He creates value for parents and students by imparting practical academic strategies and techniques to students, and assists parents to improve their parenting process.

Ms Ho Ying Ying

Head of English

Ho Ying Ying has been a passionate educator for more than a decade, using her expertise as a full-time MOE teacher. With a vast knowledge of the English 'O' Level syllabus', she was also a former English Language Level Head and Oral Examiner in various secondary schools.

Mr Lim Shao Jie

Chinese Teacher

Mr Lim Shao Jie Graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese and a Masters in Chinese translation. He has been teaching Chinese since 2011. Most students struggle to understand certain Chinese vocabulary as their teacher's explanation is in Chinese. However, Mr Lim is able to provide English help when needed as he is fluent in both English and Mandarin. He also uses modern-day examples so that students are able to relate and understand the content better.

Mr Farid

Science Teacher

Mr Farid is a passionate science teacher with a wealth of experience nurturing young minds since 2012. His Learn, Apply and Share teaching approach keeps his students hooked and hungry for knowledge. With his teaching approach, students are able to: find science concepts relatable and easier to understand, have critical thinking & problem-solving skills, learn from one another, and reinforce their understanding. With Mr. Farid as their guide, the future looks brighter for every student who enters his classroom.

Mr Ivan

English Teacher

With 12 years of English teaching (and counting) experience and a focus on cultivating students' independent study habits, Mr Ivan aims to address the common issue of forgetting essential details due to inadequate review methods. As a tutor, he encourages students to not only acquire knowledge but also share it with others, fostering a comprehensive worldview. Parents can trust his experience and commitment to their child's educational journey.

Mr Tin

Math Teacher

Mr. Tin is a seasoned math tutor with over 9 years of experience in the tuition industry. He believes in laying a solid foundation for his students by emphasizing math logic and problem-solving approaches. Once the basics are mastered, he challenges their minds with unseen and difficult questions. Mr. Tin is dedicated to creating a fun learning environment, encouraging students to pursue their passions and excel in math. With his guidance, students embark on a journey of growth and success in their mathematical endeavours.

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