Prepare for PSLE without assessment books

Prepare for PSLE without assessment books
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Yes! You have read that right, these tips do not require your child to use an assessment book to prepare for their PSLE. 

While having assessment books for revision is sometimes needed, there are other ways your child can do in order to revise for exams. 

Especially when the PSLE written exams is just 5 months away! What else can you do? Read below to find out!

Cultivating their interest in learning

Is 5 months enough time to start over? Instead of starting over, your child can find out what topics they are interested in, especially Science. 

When it comes to Science, there are some exam questions that may require your child to think deeper. This comes from curiosity and interest in that certain topic. 

When your child has an interest in a topic, they may tend to dig deeper into the concept and they may be able to solve the ”special & unique” questions in PSLE. 

There are steps that you and your child can take in order to find out their interest and cultivate their motivation to learn.

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Here at Keynote Learning, we encourage our students in our regular classes to dig deeper into the topics by cultivating interest in it. We ask them questions that get them thinking, and bring in unique items (eg: microscope for cells topic) to get them to explore more. 

If you would like to experience our Science lessons, register for a FREE trial class with us! Whatsapp us at 81816687

Practice speaking well for PSLE English Oral

Oral is the first paper that will be tested for PSLE English. But many students & parents are not worried. Many think that it is a paper that does not require any studying or practice (eg: mock exam).

Since many parents and students have the misconception that it will be easy, then why can’t most students secure the full 15% of PSLE English marks from their Oral papers?

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Many students tend to get stressed and stunned when they come to the spoken interaction segment of Oral. Most of them do not know how to answer or their answers do not make sense. 

One way to practise Oral is to get an Oral practice book (or pictures from the newspaper) and practise with your child by acting as an examiner.

Your child would also have the upper hand if they are kept up to date with the recent world events as they may come out during Oral. So once in a while, you can strike up such discussions with your child and discuss their opinions on the matter. 

Build a vocabulary book for PSLE English

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Your child would also have the upper hand if they are kept up to date with the recent world events as they may come out during Oral.

So once in a while, you can strike up such discussions with your child and discuss their opinions on the matter. 

Whether your child is facing any of the PSLE English struggles mentioned above or just wants to improve their vocabulary, having a vocabulary book would be worth it. 

This book will contain the new words they learnt and their meanings. When your child learns a new word, they can write it down and you can test them on the word application (how they would put it in a sentence)

It can be a physical (eg: notebook) or digital book (google docs).

Reading is one of the ways to expand their vocabulary, click on the banner below for our book suggestions!

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After your child notes down the new word they learnt, you can ask your child to create a sentence with that new word. When your child learns to apply the new word in sentences, it is easier for them to remember.

You can set an alarm on your phone to test the new vocabulary they have learnt. Where you can ask them to construct a sentence.

You do not need to do this every day or for long hours as this might kill your child’s interest. Instead, you can test them for a couple of days for a few minutes. For example, 3 days per week, 5-10 mins per session.

Go through topics they are struggling with

Unlike PSLE English, Math and Science require your child to understand the concept and apply it correctly. If your child is struggling with certain Math topics, you can take out questions from exam practice papers and consolidate all of them onto a worksheet. 

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For Science, there are a few ways to revise using practice papers. Watch the video below on how your child can make use of their exam practice papers to revise and keep track of their progress! 

If your child is unable to commit to weekly physical tuition lessons, then our ready-made online lessons (for Science), would be perfect!

The lessons are pre-recorded by topic. Plus, your child can learn anywhere as it is an online course. They can also replay it as many times as they like!

Worksheets and assessments are included and your child will receive our teacher’s WhatsApp line so that they can message the teacher for any queries and feedback on their work. 

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Learn how to manage exam stress

Although this is not related to improving your child’s grades, this is also equally important too! 

When your child knows how to manage their stress, they can study better and not panic during exams. The worst-case scenario for your child is to blank out and forget everything once they are in the exam hall!

Then all their efforts would have gone to waste. 

So to prevent that, your child needs to learn how they can manage their stress and keep a calm mind during their paper. 

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When your child comes across a question in their paper that they are unfamiliar with, instead of panicking, they should do these. 

  • Take a deep breath 
  • Do not overthink 
  • Move on to the next question and come back again when they have completed the paper 
  • Try to recall any theory or methods linked to the question 

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We hope these tips would be helpful in your child’s revision and making full use of these remaining months!

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