Science Tuition for Kids in Singapore (Secondary School)

Education should be more than just a means to an end. It should be a journey filled with joy, curiosity, and purpose. 

Let us help your child find their love for learning Science today.

Our Science Subjects

Pure Physics

Pure Chemistry

Combined Science


“I don’t think I’ll do well. I’m not good at Science.” 

“My friends are scoring better than me. I can’t keep up.”

“I don’t understand what the teacher is teaching.”

“I don’t like studying for Science.”


…has an exceptional Science teacher? 

Our Science teachers are committed to making complex concepts simple and helping students achieve academic excellence. We're here to inspire and support your child on their journey of continuous improvement and passion for learning.

…has access to our Science homework helpline?

Available for all levels (Sec 1-4), our special homework helpline (aka the Atom Group), allows students to send us their science questions and answers (from tuition, school, or self-practice), which we will then guide them on how their answers can be improved.

… get better resources for their revision?

For Sec 1 / 2 students, we provide FREE access to the ThinkInn virtual learning platform, which lets students review lessons again before a school test or exam. This platform enables your child to be self-directed in learning so that they can pace themselves.


  • Sec 1 & 2 Science

  • Sec 3 & 4 Pure Chemistry & Physics

  • Sec 3 & 4 Combined Science

Secondary 1

Components Covered

  • Paper 1 - MCQ
  • Paper 2 – Structured Qns

Chapters Covered

  • Scientific Endeavour
  • Physical Properties
  • Chemical Composition
  • Separation Techniques
  • Ray Model of Light
  • Basic Units of Life
  • Particulate Nature of Matter
  • Atoms and Molecules

Skillsets Covered

  • Build spirit of scientific inquiry through research of real-world scenarios
  • Build awareness about the implications of Science in ethical, social, economic and environmental aspects.

Secondary 2

Components Covered

  • Paper 1 - MCQ
  • Paper 2 – Structured Qns

Chapters Covered

  • Forces
  • Work Done and Energy
  • Transfer of Thermal Energy and Its Effects
  • Chemical Changes
  • Interaction within Ecosystem
  • Electrical System
  • Human Digestive
  • Transport Systems in Organism
  • Human Sexual Reproductive System

Skillsets Covered

  • Build spirit of scientific inquiry through research of real-world scenarios
  • Build awareness about the implications of Science in ethical, social, economic and environmental aspects.









Please note that there will also be a registration fee of $15 (non-refundable), and a security deposit of $250 (refundable) required.


View our available in-person and online classes.

Download Full Schedule download Section Subject Timings Available
MondayOnline4:30pm - 6:30pm
MondayOnline4:30pm - 6:30pm

Make Science FUN, INTERESTING, & PURPOSEFUL for your child.

Keynote Learning tuition encourages your child to become curious about Science.

Enrol your kid in our Science tuition classes today and discover how the right teacher can make all the difference!
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What Kind of Support Do We Offer to Parents & Students?

Here’s the support we provide:

  1. We will place parents, students, and tutors together in a WhatsApp group. This is so you can easily reach our tutors when you have any questions.
  2. We provide an online resource library ( where you can get additional study guides.

Note that we will also be improving our communication with our parents and students by moving to ClassDojo in the future, so keep a lookout for that! 

Do You Offer Free Trial Classes?

Yes, we do. Our free trial classes (online/in-person) are available for every class and for all levels. No registration fee or deposit is required as well.

Learn more about it here

What is the Duration of Your Classes?

Our secondary school tuition classes are typically 2-hours long.

Where Are Your Classes Held?

Our in-person classes are held in Ang Mo Kio (727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #02-4264, Singapore 560727). 

We also hold hybrid (a blend of online & in-person) tuition classes for certain subjects and levels.

You may refer to “pick your class schedule” on this page for more details.

What is the Class Size?

Here are the class sizes for each level & subject: 


Class Size

P3 & P4


P5 to Sec 4

18 + 2 online replacement allowed

As you can tell, our class sizes are usually fewer than 20 pax. 

Small classroom sizes do not only provide your child with personalised attention. We also believe small classrooms help them focus better with fewer distractions, and give our tutors more opportunities to provide constructive feedback, rather than being overwhelmed by student numbers. 

In a school setting, a teacher usually has to teach multiple classes, with many students. Let's say a teacher handles 5 classes, with 35 students each. This means managing 175 students, which would make it time consuming to give detailed feedback to each and every one of them. These students may also not get a chance to get help on homework or ask questions as well. 

This is why we believe in smaller class sizes, so our tutors can give your child the personal guidance they need.

Is Science Tuition Necessary for Secondary School?

The question of whether Science tuition is necessary for secondary school children depends on the specific learning needs and goals of your child.

For instance, if your child is poor at structured questions/short answer questions, a good teacher can correct their use of terminology and help them explain their answers better. This is especially important if they are in primary-level science tuition and are going to transition to secondary school.

This is important when your child is still young and needs someone to reinforce the basic building blocks of the Science language, ensuring a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary.

If your child is bored or under-stimulated, just Science tuition alone will not work. But if the lessons are personalised to challenge them to reach their full potential in the subject, such as if the tutor organises science experiment workshops, then it will definitely spark a student's curiosity for the subject.

We understand that many parents face this dilemma, and we do our best to support parents who may have this worry. This is why we offer trial classes so parents can explore if a tuition learning environment is good for their child. If you're interested in enrolling your child in our trial classes, you can learn more here.

Why is it Important to Engage a Secondary School Science Tutor?

Some parents think that Science tuition is necessary because it:

  • Ensures your child practices sufficiently
  • Pushes an unmotivated child to do some homework

But our Science tutors are not just there for the bare minimum, we want to:

  • Guide lost and struggling young students
  • Give critical tips & techniques so your child can become more confident in Science
  • Give your child a reliable learning partner who can identify & correct their mistakes
  • Give practical support for your child in upcoming major exams
  • Make Science fun & interesting for your child

Our Science tutors are academic counsellors who give your child the best learning opportunities, outside of a regular classroom setting where your child may feel less supported and cared for. 

If you're still unsure whether your child needs Science secondary school tuition, you can go for a free trial class where you can see firsthand how your child can thrive in a different learning environment.
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