Why A-math students have a hard time scoring well

Why A-math students have a hard time scoring well
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Students who struggle with A-math tend to have these 2 problems:

  • Poor Algebra foundation and A-math is Algebra intensive 
  • Students could not start at all if they cannot identify the topic tested 

Identifying the topic would require students to do more practise. Which can only be done when they start A-math. However, perfecting Algebra takes more time and they can start now even in lower secondary! 

Algebra is a topic that is prevalent throughout both primary and secondary school. However, these questions can take up almost 30 to 45 marks in lower secondary.

In upper secondary, the questions evolve into algebraic word problems. These are typically more complex and difficult to understand and require a strong foundation of basic Algebra to solve.

Why do students struggle with Algebra

Algebra usually involves negative numbers, which can take time for your child to get used to. It requires them to think logically, meaning that students need to know how to problem-solve rather than blindly memorising and using formulas.

Furthermore, the addition of new symbols frequently used in algebra may cause confusion for students. Algebra also takes up a large portion of the Maths paper due to its usage in several other topics, such as area. Therefore, ensuring that your child has a strong foundation in basic algebra will help them out tremendously in the long run.

thought process to workings YT vid

Tips to overcome Algebra questions

It is important that students develop a systematic way to solve algebra questions and understand the reasoning behind each working. Some ways to help visualise questions better are:

  • Write it down in a table/model format
  • Talk to themselves (mentally during exams)
  • Ask questions to kick start their thinking process

Of course, practice is key! Encourage your child to clarify any doubts or issues they face when practising for a smoother learning process. Ensure that they understand the key concept of Algebra first before moving on to advanced Algebraic word problems.


Does your child face this problem?

Has your child been constantly struggling with Algebra questions in Primary school? With the complexity of these questions only increasing, your child may face a great obstacle when they go into Secondary school.

Watch the video below to find out what method Ms Jayme recommends to help your child kickstart their thought process early! Click on CC for captions.

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