We help your children achieve their academic goals by injecting purpose into the learning process

Set your children on their path to academic and life excellence

Keynote Learning is an academic centre in Singapore that provides tuition services to Primary and Secondary School students.

Our experienced and passionate teachers have developed a unique system of learning, designed to help both parents and students overcome challenges pertaining to their upbringing and education.

Every child is gifted. It just takes patience, understanding, and the right teacher to unlock their potential.

Primary & secondary classes available!

We'll give your children
the education they deserve.

Top Educators

Our dedicated educators take the 'O' Level Exams every year to ensure their strategies are consistently up to date with the latest MOE syllabus

Life Skills

By weaving practical life skills into our lessons, our students gain purpose in their learning, and as a consequence, achieve better results academically.

Proven Results

Our students typically go on to achieve success not just in their schools, but in whichever activities or causes they choose to partake in as well.

Speak to our educators at our events

We regularly host events and info-sessions where both parents and children can learn more about us, and interact with our educators.

Come and discover how we help students achieve better academic results. 

Check out our upcoming events on our Facebook page!

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