linus portrait 2022

Mr Linus Lin

Head of Science
Linus Lin Guo Yao is an educator and entrepreneur at heart, with more than 16 years in the field of private tutoring and education. He creates value for parents and students by imparting practical academic strategies and techniques to students, and assists parents to improve their parenting process.

Ms Ho Ying Ying

Head of English
Ho Ying Ying has been a passionate educator for more than a decade, using her expertise as a full-time MOE teacher. With a vast knowledge of the English 'O' Level syllabus', she was also a former English Language Level Head and Oral Examiner in various secondary schools.
jayme portrait 2022

Ms Jayme Zhang

Head of Maths
Jayme Zhang graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor in Accountancy in 2007, and specialised in private mathematics tuition since 2004. She previously worked with Ernst & Young Assurance Services and Tax Services as an auditor.
shao jie pfp

Mr Lim Shao Jie

Chinese Teacher
Mr Lim Shao Jie Graduated from NTU with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese and a Masters in Chinese translation. He has been teaching Chinese since 2011. Most students struggle to understand certain Chinese vocabulary as their teacher's explanation is in Chinese. However, Mr Lim is able to provide English help when needed as he is fluent in both English and Mandarin. He also uses modern-day examples so that students are able to relate and understand the content better.

Ms Sarah

Math Teacher
Graduated from NTU with 2nd upper-class honours in Mechanical Engineering. She has been specializing in teaching Math for 6 years and counting. She trains students to enjoy the learning process and courageously grow into independent learners, always curious and persevering in the face of challenges.
safura pic

Ms Safura

English Teacher
Graduated from NUS with a Bachelors degree with Honours in Sociology. She has been specializing in teaching English. She teaches both Primary & Secondary students. She develops students to become bright and confident members of society. Her belief in teaching is that when your child believes in themselves, they are already halfway there.
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